free 1-on-1 personal training sessions

Program - Trailblaze (PTB) is our free 12-week 1-on-1 personal training module. Each eligible client is paired up with a certified personal trainer volunteer during the entire module, allowing the pair to build a strong relationship. The goal of PTB is to help our clients, who are often referred over by clinics who think they can use our help, to build the physiological and educational foundations for a healthier and more active life. Our hope is to help clients trail blaze into new territories physically, mentally and intellectually



Assessment Period

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The Assessment Period is an 8-week long assessment that evaluates the client's motivation, determination and persistence. The client is scheduled for a one-hour personal training session with his or her assigned trainer once a week. The goal of this period is to determine where our client is physically, show them proper lifting form, and build a strength/cardiovascular base for higher activity levels in the next phase. The trainer will assess the client's current abilities and tailor workouts and exercises appropriately. If the client achieves an attendance rate of 90% or greater during these first 8 weeks, then they qualify for the Membership Period. 

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Membership period


The Membership Period is a 4 week period that includes a complimentary gym membership for the client to access the gym on their own. The client is encouraged to visit the gym several times every week in order to supplement their weekly personal training session. The initial learnings and progress made in the Assessment Period are leveraged here to allow clients to safely and confidently utilize gym equipment without direct oversight. The goal of these sessions is to accelerate the lifestyle change process and allow our clients to achieve greater results. The addition of independent gym access to personal training sessions, encourages the client to start taking charge of their health and fitness. The end of the 4-week Membership Period concludes PTB and its one-on-one training sessions; however, if the client achieves a gym use rate average of at least 3 times/week (including the 1 personal training session) during the Membership Period, then they receive their first 8-week Membership Subsidization Block. 

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What's after Program-TrailBlaze?

Clients who graduate from PTB with a satisfactory attendance rate qualify for 1 free Membership Subsidization Block (8 weeks). The client can continue to earn free membership blocks by meeting an average gym use rate of 3 times per week.

Please note that 1-on-1 personal training sessions conclude at this point; however, clients are eligible to opt into one of the support services below:  

1. Online coaching and support from the assigned volunteer personal trainer. 

2. Online coaching and support from a Trainers Coalition staff due to the volunteer trainer's in-availability

3. Apply for PTB and the personal training sessions again due to special medical or health needs. 

4. Lead their own fitness journey!

Find out here if you’re eligible to join the program and please contact us if you are interested.