Run202020 is a 524-mile journey taken on by Trainers Coalition founder Alan Li to empower underserved communities with the fitness resources they need to live healthy lives and to fundraiser for our cause.

20 marathons in 20 days in a 20 pound weighted vest

Trainers Coalition battles the physical and mental health disparities prevalent in the low-income community by providing free gym access, personal training, and nutritional counseling to those who need them the most. We strive to make fitness impartial. On April 13th, we are hosting a group run challenge in San Francisco to send Alan off on his run from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The journey south will weave through various cities including San Jose, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Malibu and Santa Monica.

Live updates will be provided throughout the journey and local runners will be invited to join Alan to show support and help raise awareness on each leg of the trip. If you would like to join the movement in empowering everyone to live a healthy life, please consider making a donation or sharing this campaign.


about the runner

Alan is an outspoken advocate for all the physical, psychological, and emotional benefits that exercise has to offer. The fitness space and community have helped him overcome depression, bullying, an eating disorder, and a fire that showed him how fragile life can be. As a novice runner, he had never run more than six miles at once before he started training in December 2018. He draws motivation and determination from Trainers Coalition trainers, who generously donate their time and energy, as well as our clients’ life-changing experiences in our programs.

why the vest

Job instability, food insecurity, struggles with mental health, chronic disease, battles against substance addiction, and many other conditions all affect our clients at disproportionately high rates. These are the types of baggage that many of our clients have to carry with them everyday into work, the gym, and even the beds they sleep in at night (if they have one). Although we may not fully understand what it’s like to live uncertain of where our next meal will come from, we at Trainers Coalition do our best to support and empathize with the individuals we serve. The 20-pound vest is a metaphysical embodiment of the mental and physical baggage that weigh our clients down. This is our chance to help them shoulder their burdens and run a few miles in their shoes.


The training process

alan's running coach
angela tieri

Angela Tieri is an elite member in San Francisco’s female racing team, The Impales. An accomplished endurance athlete herself, she offers personal training, online coaching, and specializes in running injury prevention and rehabilitation. Angela is generously volunteering to coach Alan for his run from SF to LA so that he can take on this run injury-free. In a matter of four months, she will be taking Alan from a couch potato, who had not run more than six miles at a time prior to training, to consecutive weighted marathons en route to LA.

Learn more about Angela Tieri  here

Learn more about Angela Tieri here


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the running route




On April 13th, we sent Alan off on his 524-mile running journey with a group relay race, running around the city. Thank you very much for coming out to support him and Trianers Coalition. Congratulations to the winning team, and a special thank you to our partners (Fitness SF, lululemon San Francisco, Clif Bar) and our sponsors (Sports Basement, Sufferfest Beer Company, Hint).

Seeing this diverse community coming together and supporting an amazing cause with laughter and sweat is exactly why we do what we do. Hope to see you at our next event!